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Registrate your video

How to registrate your video

Videos can be registrated untill may 31.

Team name - Country
Fill in your teamname and the country you are from.

E-mail of the team leader
The email address of the team leader, this will only be used for contact regarding the competition.

Name of the video
Choose a unique name for your video.

Link to the video
Upload the video on YouTube/Vimeo, set the video as unlisted (!) and copy the link of the video here. As of mid-August you may change the video open to 'public', and share it with your friends.

Note: when uploading your video, make sure the visibility setting is on "unlisted". Any video, which has been widely circulated before the end of the completion (more than 20 viewings), will be disqualified.

Name of the team members - address of the team leader
All team members => Full name and date of birth,
also mention who is the team leader and provide the full address of this person. This information will be used to contact the winner.

- Personal information will be handled as classified data and will not be shared with 3rd parties.

- FEIF reserves the right to use the videos for promotional use.

- All copyright issues are the responsibility of the team, and FEIF will not be held responsible for any copyright issues.

If you are having problems please contact:  Bert.Collet@hotmail.be