Copyright on music


Important notice concerning music copyrights

Using copyright music and other audiovisual material without permission from the artists should not be encouraged when participating FEIF video contest. The copyright issues are handled differently in each country. In some countries one can upload most music onto YouTube, but the resulting film will carry an automated advertisment. While in other countries it will result in either banning the video altogether, or removing the sound track. In some countries uploading music is not controlled at all. This makes the participating teams unequal in terms of using music, so we advise everyone to use free music only.

In the credits of the film, you must mention the music you use (Composer, performer and title of the song.) You will find royalty free music on several sites on the internet. With royalty-free music, it's good to mention the channel (website) it was downloaded from and write the link in the description of the video. When sourcing royalty-free music, make sure you get all distribution rights without any geographical, time or channel specific restrictions. Beware of "student licenses", "web licenses" etc. royalty-free sound effects don't need to be listed in the credits.

Here are some examples of where to find copyright free music and sound effects:
Freesound - (Sound effects)
Ross Bugden - (Cinematic and epic music)
Chillhop - (Lo-fi, chilled hiphop and jazzhop)
Mitch Music - (Wide range of music for YouTube videos)
NoCopyrightSounds - (Electronic music) Flying Tunes - (Electronic music)
Reev Music - (Remixes of popular songs)

Remember to always check how the artists want to be credited. There are many other channels and websites that provide copyright free music so feel free to check them out.

Hanna Hirvonen