FEIF Youth work -
lights, camera, action!

International video competition 2017

What: team competition for a group of 4-6 young people involved with the Icelandic horse. You need to produce a video no shorter than 3 mins, and no longer than 5 mins on a particular theme.

Theme for 2017: Power is ... [fill in your own idea]

Aim: to foster teamwork and collaboration, encourage good horsemanship and continuous learning, raise awareness of the international aspects of the Icelandic horse world, develop imagination and promote perseverance to manage and complete a project.

Who: groups of young people, involved with Icelandic horses. The competition is open for groups of minimum 4 and maximum 6 young people, no older than having their 21st birthday during 2017.

How: as a minimum requirement, the film needs to involve at least one Icelandic horse, and must feature at least half the registered group. All other aspects (story, setting, music, etc.) are free for the team to agree on. Each team member needs to have a clearly defined and identifiable role in the production. Language - remember that the resulting film will be shown to an international audience, so keep dialogue to a minimum. The video must have a title, credits, date, venue, and other formal aspects for a proper video.

No equipment other than a video camera or mobile phone, and basic software on the computer should be necessary.

Note to parents and youth leaders: The competition is aimed at the young riders themselves.  In the spirit of international youth work, we would kindly request parents and other supportive adults to enable and support the work of the competing teams, without (!) getting too involved in the process, and to keep any potential costs to an absolute minimum. Riders shown on a horse must at all times wear a helmet.

The deadline for submitting your video is 31 May 2017.

Register here.